Turks and Caicos Part 2

Recently I’ve been going back and forth trying to figure out exactly where I wanted to go for my birthday this year.  One thing for sure is that I want to have my feet in the sand, sipping on a lovely adult beverage or two.  I’ll admit after my last post on Turks and Caicos, I became quite curious wondering if I should actually make it an option.  But I know I don’t want to spend a whole lot of money.

While exploring Caribbean destinations on Google flights, I ran across a price that reaaaaaaally caught my eye.  (For more information on Google flights, refer back to my post Secrets Revealed) Delta had a round-trip flight from Fort Lauderdale to Turks and Caicos for a whopping $168! Interesting, I thought. But how much would it take me to get to Fort Lauderdale?  I could always use my Rapid Reward points on Southwest.  So that would bring my total to $173.60 ($168 + $5.60 security fees). Spending $175 for a flight to Providenciales seems pretty tempting huh?  I thought so too at first…

Looking closely, I see that this Delta flight has a layover in Atlanta.  Go figure… it’s Delta.. ughhhhhhhhh…..  So essentially, I would have to fly to Fort Lauderdale, then back to Atlanta, then off to the island.  Let’s calculate this:

  • Flight from ATL to FLL  – 2 hours
  • Flight from FLL back to ATL – 2 hours
  • Layover in ATL – 1 hr 30 min
  • Flight from ATL to PLS – 3 hours

That’s a total of almost NINE HOURS! I would basically be spending my entire day on a plane and in airports.  Now part of me would be okay doing this, especially if I was traveling by myself.  However, my traveling companion would not go for this.  He just likes to get there without all the obstacles and delays.  I can’t blame him, the other half of me is like that too.  Nevertheless there may be light at the end of the tunnel, Maybe. This flight also has a layover in Atlanta on the way back, and that’s why I would only purchase a one-way to FLL.  Now could I possibly get off the plane at the layover, go through customs, leave the airport, and be on my merry little way home? Instead of flying back to FLL just to fly back to Atlanta again? Does that mean I wouldn’t be able to check a bag or nah? These are legit questions I have when considering this adventure, that I do not know the answers to.

So I’m asking for myself, not for a friend.  Has anyone done something like this before? Have you used the skiplagged technique?  I know you can’t get on at a layover, but have you ever gotten off at one?  If you have, inquiring minds want to know! How did it go?  Were you coming from overseas?

What are some of the lengths you have gone to trying to save money while traveling?  Would you take the $175 flight and be okay with the nine hours?

Let’s discuss. Comment below 🙂


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