Turks and Caicos

If Turks and Caicos is on your travel bucket list, you may want to look into this JetBlue flight I found from Atlanta for $271 round trip.

Right now there are dates available in April and May from Atlanta to Turks and Caicos for $271. If you are worried about the recent hurricane situation from last year, don’t be. The island is back in business. Although this is a good price from Atlanta, plan to spend a pretty penny on the total vacation. Hotels are not cheap, so you may want to consider an Airbnb.

If you don’t live in Atlanta or even if you do, try playing around with the dates, and maybe check the prices out of Fort Lauderdale. You can always get an inexpensive flight to Fort Lauderdale, then catch your flight to Turks and Caicos from there. I did this before when I went to Barbados, and it was much cheaper to just buy a ticket from Atlanta to Fort Lauderdale, then a separate ticket from Fort Lauderdale to Barbados. You just have to be careful when booking your return flight back to Atlanta. Because you have to go through customs in Fort Lauderdale, you need to give yourself at least two to three hours from the time your plane gets to Florida, and leaves for Atlanta. Trust me… I cut it too close last time, and it was very stressful.

Enjoy the Caribbean whenever you can!

Happy Monday!



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