Secrets Revealed

I know you are just dying to know where to find travel deals… Especially cheap flights. Well look no further, I am here to give you all of the websites I perform my searches on.  Like I said, I am here to share the wealth!

  1.  Google Flights – I’ve mentioned this website in a couple of my previous posts.  (  Baby Steps  ) I love this one because it’s very versatile when searching for flights.  You can enter your origin, and choose a destination, or not choose a destination if you want to explore prices for different places.  It will show you a calendar, as well as give you suggestions on what days are cheaper that are close to the days you searched.  Another reason I like this site is because you can enter your email address to get an alert when the price of the flight drops.  One downside of this site is that it doesn’t show Southwest flights.  I’m a lover of free checked baggage, therefore I love Southwest Airlines.  Check it out for yourself
  2.  Skyscanner – I have sort of a love/hate relationship with this one.  It’s an app, so you can download it to make it easier for you.  You can check prices for flights, hotels, and car rentals.  Like Google flights, you can explore destinations if you do not have a particular place in mind you want to search for.  One of the reasons I have this complicated relationship with this site is because most times when I search for a flight, they will show a really cheap flight.  However, when I click on the details, I see that flight is on Spirit Airlines, or Frontier.  To each its own, but I’ve never flown on those two airlines, nor do I have the desire to.  Now of course you can filter to show you only the airlines you choose, but if I’m looking for the cheapest flight, I want to see the cheapest flight whether it’s Spirit or not.
  3.  Travel Pirates – I dip and dab with this website every now and then.  I have nothing against it, but for some reason I just forget about it sometimes.  It’s a good tool to use when you are looking for a package deal with a flight and hotel.  The weird thing I do like about this one is the nice and colorful pictures… (weird I know)  It truly makes you want to book a vacation just by seeing the beautiful pictures.  Personally, I don’t like to book my airfare and hotel together so that may be why I don’t frequent this as much.  I simply like to see the cost for the flight, and nothing else matters to me at that moment. With things like Airbnb around, hotels prices can always change.
  4. Skiplagged – I’m still learning this one, and they have an app for this one as well.  For what I know, they show you low prices based on your destination being the actual “layover city”.  For example, if the price of a flight from Atlanta to San Francisco is cheaper than Atlanta to Houston, they will show you the price from Atlanta to San Francisco that has a layover in Houston.  Are you still with me?  Yeah… so that means you book your ticket from ATL to San Fran, but actually get off in Houston.  Now what does this mean ultimately?  You cannot check a bag.  If you do, you know your bag is going on to San Fran right? Yep.. so carry-on bags only if you want to do this.  Now this method is not for the weak. If you’re gonna do it, you have to be confident in doing it.  And just my advice, I wouldn’t do this often.  The airlines may catch on to you doing this.
  5. Secret Flying – Last but certainly not least… My favorite website.  I pull this one up at least twice a day.  It’s super simple, and easy to follow.  It shows you flight deals from city to city with the price and the dates available for that price.  Sometimes they will even tell you if the price is an error-fare on the Airlines.  If this is the case, you will be extremely lucky to get that flight for that low price, and you better not hesitate buying it.  One thing I’ve learned with this website is that you really cannot afford to sit and think about buying the plane ticket when you see a good deal.  This is where I found my $24 ticket to Miami. (  Miami In A Day ) Remember I told you it was gone in a matter of minutes.  Unfortunately that is the case with many good flight deals.  You do not have time to think it over, so if you want it, you gotta jump on it.


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