Miami In A Day

I had the opportunity to frequent one of my favorite cities the other day. Only for ONE day. Here’s how I did it.

I found a flight deal earlier this month for a $48 round trip flight from Atlanta to Miami on American Airlines. Wow!?!? What?!?! Yes I was just as shocked as you. I would expect these prices on Frontier or Spirit, but AA? What’s the catch? The Travel Dates. They were only on Wednesday’s. Now I knew I couldn’t or wouldn’t want to take off from work a whole week to spend in Miami… especially in January. So I looked at the times of the flights.

Could I possibly fly out early in the morning, and fly back to Atlanta late that night? Why not?? It’s only $48.

However, something in my gut told me to check Southwest Airlines. And I’m so glad I did. What I found was none other than a $25 one way from Atlanta to Fort Lauderdale on that same day (Southwest doesn’t fly to Miami). And I have Rapid Reward points to use! Yes!! I immediately purchased two of the 6 a.m. flights with my points. After consulting with my boyfriend about the trip, I went back online to buy the $24 one way from Miami to Atlanta, and it was gone!! Nooooooooooo!!!!! In a matter of minutes, the price of the one way was back up to $74. I felt defeated.  It had literally been about 30 minutes since I saw the deal, and now it’s gone.

Hours go by, and right before I leave work I decide to check the price again. Low and behold it’s Back!! Without hesitation I purchased my $24 one way. But for some reason I couldn’t buy two tickets, so I called my boyfriend and told him to get his. He tried… and it was gone again. Geez Louise what is going on? Luckily the price went back down yet again the very next morning and he was able to get his.

Fast forward to the day of our trip. We arrived in Fort Lauderdale around 8:30 a.m. and rented a car. After grabbing some breakfast at a local diner by the name of Joe’s, we headed on to try our luck at Seminole Hard Rock Casino in Hollywood FL. Stayed there a couple of hours, and drove on down to South Beach. The weather was perfect for strolling through Lincoln Mall, Ocean Drive, and laying out on the beach. Too cool to get in the water for me of course, but still a good time. We wrapped up the trip with dinner at my favorite restaurant in Miami, Cvi.Che 105. And it was delicious just as I expected. At last, we headed to Miami International for our 9:30 p.m. flight.

We had a very full day. And yes we were tired the next day going back to work, but it was worth it. Sometimes you need a mid-week break from your job.

So would I do it again? Yep. I saved money by not needing a hotel room, and no checked bags. My brain was able to reset, and my petty pockets were satisfied.


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