Baby Steps

It could be difficult and down right frustrating wanting to travel when you know your bank account is on life support. Scrolling down Facebook and Instagram seeing all of your friends visiting all the places you want to visit… or maybe places you don’t really want to visit, but you’re just jealous because you’re sitting at your desk at work. Well for those of you that just don’t know where to start, or how to use the little money you do have on a plane ticket, I’m willing to give you a few of the best tips I have for a small fee of $29.99.


Tip #1Think of 5 Places you want to visit within the next year or two. This should be easy to decide since it’s the beginning of the year. Call it a New Years Resolution if you want.  And Be Reasonable. Don’t just say you want to visit Italy, Paris, Thailand, Brazil, and Germany. Think of a variety of places that will cost less and more of your paycheck. Once you get your list, do your research on when the best time to visit these places. Simply google “best time to visit Paris” or whatever is on your list. You will be surprised on the information you find. You may find that even though August to December is the best time to visit, it’s also the most expensive time. Next, check the average weather by month. Would you mind visiting in colder temperatures? Rainy season? It’s no secret that traveling to the Caribbean during hurricane season is cheaper… hmmmm.. I wonder why. Take all of this into consideration AND write it down on your list. Once you’re done, guess what? These 5 places will be on your radar, and you will be ready to grab your plane ticket if the price drops. You won’t have to do any further research trying to decide if you should go because you’ve already decided when the best time it is for you to go.

Tip #2Search for Changes in Prices Every Week. I know this could be tedious, but hey.. I do it everyday so you can at least commit to once a week. They say the best day to buy is Tuesday afternoon, but I’ve found deals everyday of the week. However, a lot of them have been on Tuesday, so if you’re gonna pick a day, I say pick Tuesday. You can simply check google flights or Priceline, or check here on my blog for deals I may post. The good thing about google flights is that when you search for a flight, you can scroll down to enter your email address so they can send you a notification if the price of that flight drops. Thanks Google!

Tip #3Have Flexible Dates.  I see this mistake that people make all the time.  They have specific dates in mind of when they want to travel.  The key to success is to make your dates flexible.  For example, let’s say your birthday is August 25th, and you’ve been wanting to go to Vegas.  Well you look at the flights for August 24th through August 28th only because these are the days you want to be in Vegas for your birthday.  Here is where Google flights comes in handy.  When you search for a flight, you will see a calendar of dates with the cheapest days highlighted.  It just may be cheaper to go to Vegas the week before your birthday, so why not save some money?  And bless your heart for wanting to be in Vegas in the middle of the summer anyway…  Another tip I’ve found is to search for flights leaving and returning on Saturdays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays.  Most times these are the cheapest days to travel.  Many of my vacations have been a Saturday through Tuesday, so these are the days I automatically search for first when booking a flight.

Hope this helps to get you started so Good Luck!

More Tips to Come!


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