No More Excuses

  • I can’t afford it 
  • I’m on a budget
  • I can’t take off from work
  • I can’t spend that much money
  • I’m already taking a vacation this year

We’ve all heard these excuses before.  Better yet, we’ve all said these before too.  I’ll be the first one to admit it, and still guilty sometimes.  What if I told you through lots of research on my handy dandy (and apparently purposely slowed down) iPhone 6, I’ve found some sweet travel deals.  Although I haven’t been able to take advantage of every deal I see, I love sharing the wealth!  So start living your best life, and get some stamps on that passport.  And if you don’t have a passport, you can stop reading here.. this blog isn’t for you.  Seriously, if you’re over the age of 25, and don’t have a passport, you are truly missing out on life.  Traveling internationally doesn’t always cost as much as you may be thinking.  And if you’re not ready for a long haul flight way across the world, any Caribbean destination is worth visiting.. again…and again.  If I still haven’t sold you on the idea of having a passport, there are several places within the U.S. that are just as amazing, and waiting on a visit from you.

Ultimately, my goal with this blog is to help you make smart decisions on traveling, and let you in on the deals I find (like flying to Miami for $25).  Now because I live in Atlanta, most of the deals will be geared towards Atlanta.   So stop making the same excuses over and over again.  You can afford to travel!  Your petty pockets can afford it!


One comment

  1. Shannon says:

    First! This is very important to a person who wants to travel, but my budget doesn’t fit my desired destinations. Looking forward to more insight from your blog. Thank you!


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